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Annual Fur Auctions

The Vermont Trapper's Association annual Fur Auctions are held at the Whitcomb High School in Bethel, VT in early December and early March.

The doors open at 6:00am and the auction begins at 9:00am.

For more info: Dan Olmstead 802-464-6344 or Bruce Baroffio 802-485-4051

There will be a five percent (5%) commission on all fur sold. If you are not happy with the price offered, you may withdraw your fur, and there will be no charge. Lots will be given on a first come, first served basis. No green fur, please. However, if you have deer hides to sell, you may bring them and conduct business outside the building, and no commission will be charged. Moose and deer antler are welcome at this auction and will be sold under the same guidelines as fur.

We welcome and encourage trappers from other states to attend and sell their fur at our auction. Many do, and have said that the prices they receive at the VTA auctions are much better than they could get in their home state. All that we require is that you are a current member of any state or National Trapping Association. Support those organizations that support you. For more information on this auction, contact Dan Olmstead at 502-464-6344 or Bruce Baroffio at 802-485-4051. Dan's email:

Annual Ginseng Auction

After the Fall Fur Auction, at approximately 10:00am, the Vermont Ginseng Association holds their Annual Ginseng Auction. This is a live auction. There is a 3% commission charged on all ginseng sold. You must be a member of the Vermont Ginseng Association in order to sell your ginseng at this auction. Memberships will be available at the auction. You should plan on arriving one hour ahead of time (9:00am please) to allow for check in and lot assignment.

For more information on ginseng auctions, contact Adam Coleman 802-377-0206 or Dan Olmstead at 502-464-6344  email:

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